16 Fantastic Film Themes

Also released by CNR Music ‎(CD 2001287)

  1. The Bodyguard: I Will Always Love You
  2. Leathal Weapon: It’s Probably Me
  3. Basic Instinct: Basic Instinct
  4. Boomerang: Tonight Is Right
  5. Barcelona Games: Friends for Life
  6. Strictly Ballroom: Love Is in the Air
  7. 1492: Conquest of Paradise
  8. Real Cool World: Real Cool World
  9. A League Of Their Own: This Used To Be My Playground
  10. Rush: Tears In Heaven
  11. Sins: Hard To Be Tender
  12. The Jazz Singer: The Jazz Singer
  13. Endless Love: Endless Love
  14. Boomerang: End of the Road
  15. Dirty Dancing: She’s Like the Wind
  16. Rocky III: Eye of the Tiger

From the CD booklet:

“The Ed Starink story is still being written. A keyboard virtuoso, composer, arranger, conductor and record publisher, he’s managed to build these careers simultaneously and successfully.
Starting as a session musician with the Dutch band Gamma in the 1970s, after some years Ed Starink preferred a career as a solo creator-composer and became the driving force behind Star Inc. in the following decade. Meanwhile he is recognized as a standard of synthesizer excellence – thanks to albums such as “Synsation”, “Inner Spirits”, “Synthesizer Spectacular” (Volume I & II), and “Synthesizer Greatest Hits” (Volume I, II, III and IV). With “16 Fantastic Film Themes” Starink continues to astound with his remarkable musicianship, unique choice of material and pure passion.

So many words have been written about the musical abilities of Ed Starink, and especially about his work with the London Starlight Orchestra, that to repeat them all would be redundant. The fabulous Starink sound is known and prized the world over and this selection of film themes again displays its distinction. The melodies are perfectly arranged and performed in the characteristic Starink style – and the music awakens a genre that has become increasingly safe and predictable. The stunning instrumental presence and emotional range of this compact disc catapults Ed Starink to the forefront of the European instrumentalists of the 1990s. While he assumed great celebrity for his remarkable releases of the 1980s, the sublime approach he takes here will reintroduce Ed Starink as a brilliant innovator in the elevation of instrumental popular music.

From the earliest days of cinema, music and films have gone hand in hand. Nowadays we only have to hear certain melodies or themes to conjure up whole film scenes in our mind’s eye. The evocative tracks on this compact disc will transport those who hear them into many different worlds and will bring back a lot of your treasured memories. As we all know, music has the power to evoke all kinds of memories and we are sure that this collection of film themes will bring back many entertaining highspots from your favorite moments in the dark!”

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