16 Magic Film Themes
Also released by CNR Music (CD 2001288).
  1. Captain Hook
  2. West Across the Ocean Sea (from 1492)
  3. Little Buddha
  4. Principles Of Lust (from Sliver)
  5. Indecent Proposal
  6. Le Monde Est Stone (from Starmania)
  7. Stand by Your Man (from Sleepless In Seattle)
  8. To the Edge of the Earth* (from the Piano)
  9. Basic Instinct
  10. Karen’s Theme (from Out Of Africa)
  11. I’m Not In Love (from Indecent Proposal)
  12. Two Socks – The Wolf Theme (from Dances with Wolves)
  13. Jurassic Park
  14. Bitter Moon
  15. Thème Du Synthétiseur ♥
  16. Call Me (from American Gigolo)
* Incorrectly labelled as “To the Edge of the World”.

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