Dansen Moet Je Doen

English translation: Dancing, You Should Do It
Also available on vinyl: ADEH 175
Containing tracks by Ed Starink, Mario Robbiani and José Marcello

Cassette 1 – Side A

  1. Quickstep: Dansen Moet Je Doen
  2. Quickstep: I Get A Kick Out Of You (Robbiani)
  3. Engelse Wals: Amazing Grace (Marcello)
  4. Tango: No Song To Sing
  5. Tango: Sabroso (Marcello)
  6. Slow Fox: Let There Be Love (Marcello)
  7. Charleston: Black Bottom (Marcello)
  8. Weense Wals: John’s Choice

Cassette 1 – Side B

  1. Samba: Coffee Song (Marcello)
  2. Chacha: Que Pasa (Marcello)
  3. Rumba: If (Marcello)
  4. Paso Doble: Spanish Gipsy Dance (Marcello)
  5. Jive: Rock Around the Clock (Marcello)
  6. Disco: Beethoven 5th Disco
  7. Blues: Michelle (Robbiani)
  8. Electric Boogie: Compudance

Cassette 2 – Side A

  1. Quickstep: Let’s Dance (Marcello)
  2. Quickstep: Rondo Russo (Robbiani)
  3. Engelse Wals: Dansen Is Een Feest
  4. Tango: Olé Guapa (Robbiani)
  5. Slow Fox: New York, New York (Robbiani)
  6. Slow Fox: An Apple for the Teacher (Robbiani)
  7. Weense Wals: Three Quarter
  8. Weense Wals: Vienne Mon Amour

Cassette 2 – Side B

  1. Samba: Mas Que Nada
  2. Rumba: My Prayer (Robbiani)
  3. Rumba: O Solo Mio (Robbiani)
  4. Chacha: Arriba Bon Bon
  5. Chacha: Si Charanga
  6. Jive: Hey Good Looking (Marcello)
  7. Jive: in the Mood (Robbiani)
  8. Disco: Boogie Boy (Robbiani)

Dimmed tracks are not by Ed Starink

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