Synthesizer Greatest (Original Masters Series)
This page is about the BR Music re-release in the ”Original Masters” series. for the original release version by Arcade, see Synthesizer Greatest volume 1.
  1. Oxygène (Unspecified Part)
  2. Pulstar
  3. Theme from “Antarctica”
  4. Alpha
  5. Chariots of Fire
  6. Magic Fly
  7. Crockett’s Theme
  8. Equinoxe (Unspecified Part)
  9. Eric’s Theme
  10. Spiral
  11. Dervish D
  12. To the Unknown Man
  13. Hymne
  14. Peace
  15. [cref forever-and-ever]
  16. House of Horror
  17. Murder One (from the tv series)
  18. Theme from Mission: Impossible
  19. Twin Peaks
  20. Laura Palmer’s Theme
  21. Maladie D’Amour (from Medish Centrum West)

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