Common Spelling Errors
Unfortunately Ed Starink, or whoever made the album arts and track lists, is not known for its immaculate spelling. Furthermore, various sites also tend to use wrong spelling for even the most famous track titles. the table below will list common errors on Ed Starink albums and other sites to catch search actions for these incorrectly labeled tracks.
A Fist Full Of Dynamite A Fistful Of Dynamite
Antarctica EchosAntarctica EchoesVangelis track
BladerunnerBlade RunnerVangelis track
Caravan SaryCaravansaryKitaro track
CavantinaCavatinaSong by The Shadows
Chatanooga Choo ChooChattanooga Choo Choo
ChinaChung KuoChina is the title of the album, not the track
Chiquita ChiquititaFirst is a banana, second is a song by ABBA.
Concerto de Aranjuez Concierto de Aranjuez
Crockett's SongCrockett's ThemeJan Hammer track
Dancing With WolvesDances With WolvesAlthough incorrect English, it was the name given to the main character by a Native Indian.
EmmanuelleEmmanuelle is a movie.
Emmanuel is a singer.
Forbidden ColorsForbidden ColoursThe original track uses UK English spelling rather than US English.
Forever and TonightForever TonightJan Hammer song
Fourty Miles of Bad RoadForty Miles of Bad Road40 is actually spelled out as Forty.
Funky Town Funkytown
Hang 'M HighHang 'Em High
I Can't Stay Away from YouCan't Stay Away from YouGloria Estefan song
I Hear You KnowI Hear You Now
Jean-Michel JarreJean Michel JarreJarre himself stopped using the hyphen since 1991.
Killing Me Softly with This Song Killing Me Softly with His Song
L’Apocalypse des AnimauxLa Petite Fille De La MerAnother one of this track vs. album mixups
L'Opera SauvageL'EnfantL'Enfant is the track title, Opera Sauvage is the album
La CollegialaLa Colégiala
Lilly Was HereLily Was HereCandy Dulfer song
Once Upon and Long AgoOnce Upon A Long AgoBeatles song
Out of AfricaI Had A FarmAnother track vs. album error
P-MachineryP:MachineryPropaganda song
SadnessSadeness (Part I)
SongbookSong BookBoth versions are used on various albums, this site will stick to the version used on the original album.
StartrekStar Trek
Starwars Star Wars
The Bill Cosby ShowThe Cosby ShowTwo different shows, resp. aired from 1969-1971 and from 1984-1992.
The CarsonsCarson's LawThe Carsons are a flute band from Liverpool. the other is a television series.
The ChaseChaseGiogio Moroder track, Theme from "Midnight Express"
The Friend Of Mr. Cairo
The Friends Of Mr. Caïro
The Friends of Mr. Cairo
The Golden BugThe Gold Bug
The Ride of the ValkyresThe Ride of the Valkyries
The RobotThe RobotsKraftwerk song
The War of the WorldsThe Eve of the War"The Eve of the War" is the TRACK, the other is the ALBUM on which it appears.
Theme from “Rainman”Theme from "Rain Man"
To the Edge of the WorldTo the Edge of the EarthTitle from "The Piano" soundtrack. the other one is a novell by Harry Thompson.
Tubbs and ValleryTubbs and ValerieVallery is a commune in north-central France.