Fakes and Mistakes

This is a list of albums that are incorrectly regarded as Ed Starink releases. We keep a list of these albums on this site to prevent visitors from re-submitting rejected entries again. Some claims of Ed Starink releases are mistakes, meaning that it is a valid release, just not related to Ed Starink. Other claims are just plain fake and extremely annoying, meaning that someone claims an album to be an Ed Starink release while it is in fact just a compilation of Ed Starink music slapped together by a fan who made up his own title and cover art.

Synthesizer – 100 Greatest Hits

Released in 1996 by Edenways Records – FLCD 9107/9035/9036/9037/9038. Judging by the style of the package and the cheesy golden font it is probably a release by something like Telsell and probably doesn’t contain any quality performances at all.

Synthesizer Greatest – the Trance Edition

Released by Arcade in 1998. Somewhat misleading title, not containing any work by Ed Starink. the cover is obviously also designed by another design team or studio. EAN: 8712687106068 (Netherlands)

Paolo Conte – Max

There is no relation between Ed Starink and Paolo Conte regarding this album. Ed only did a cover of Max on the Star Inc. release Musica É.

The Last Action Heroes

The “Starlight Orchestra” is in fact NOT The London Starlight Orchestra!


Synthesizer Greatest volume 1

This release actually has ordinal versions of tracks on it and it is -not- the regular Arcade release with Ed Starink covers. No more information at this moment.


Greatest Synthesizer Hits

Although this 2CD compilation has three tracks by “Close Call”, these tracks are actually not performed by Ed Starink, who also used the alias “A Close Call”.

SynthesizerGreatest” is an extremely annoying YouTube channel that keeps creating all kinds of fake Ed Starink / Synthesizer Greatest compilation and present them as genuine albums. We could dedicate a complete section of fake albums that are put online by YouTube user SynthesizerGreatest… and we hereby do. Although claiming to be a huge Ed Starink fan, this user clearly made it his daytime job to annoy other fans by cluttering up the web with false information, fake cover-art and extremely lousy compilation mixes of Ed Starink’s music. We have wasted quite a bit of time searching for information on supposed Ed Starink releases, just to end up on this freakin’ YouTube channel again. This is a list of fake albums that are NOT in any way related to Ed Starink other than some fan abusing his work for these bad compilation…

…and many, many more…

In this digital online age, it takes just a few mouse clicks to “create” an entirely new album. Find some pictures online to create some “cover art” and you’re done. Various online streaming and download sites keep creating new compilations whenever they feel there is a way to squeeze more money out of customers using the very same content again and again and again. Like creating yet another compilation of Bond themes whenever a new movie is released. Preferably using the name of that movie for the “new” album.

While the individual tracks on these albums MIGHT be tracks by Ed Starink, it is not in the scope of this wiki to hop on the bandwagon and go along with these scams. Here’s just a quick list of any kind of title we came across…

  • Bella Italia
  • The Best Western Movie Themes
  • Panfluit in Kerstsfeer
  • Film Themes To Remember!
  • Magic of the Broadway Shows
  • Spectre of Bond
  • Western Movie Theme Hits
  • Writings On The Wall Bond Themes, Vol. 1
  • Writings On The Wall Bond Themes, Vol. 2